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Producing by our company , ergonomic and multifunction office chairs , 37 years experience and the latest Technologies of the date , as a first in our country started to the produced. High quality standards , multifunctionel products , produced in our built-in integrated facility in Kayseri , in accordance with the recommendations of our valued business partners, the most recent tastes and trends expert staff highlighted, display the designe and R & D effort is avaible to our valued business partners. SANOVA design team offices and workspace you maximum efficiency & comfort , and business wich aim to make your life easier with niggling solutions , sensitive to human health and the enviroment long-lasting products designs. Her ecological sensitivity , easthetics , ergonomics and functionality blended raw meterials of harmless to human health. Custom easy of use with different size and body structure can use products, long term back pain from sitting ?induced back and prevents the formation of besides high flexibility that contains net structure is more effecient working enviroment by preventing sweating. When working with full body movement and improves your performance by providing compliance metrics. With our production philosophy that does not compromise on quality raw meterial input every stage ,starting in the ongoing quality control practices, our products are able to enjoy for many years to provide the use of meticulously applied. TSE and ISO 9001 quality managament system is fully accepted as quality conceptions in the production process in the active factors. Many cities in the country and abroad at home 32 users meat at our products with rich color choies and provides elegance and comfort to your office


Our Company

Flekssit AŞ. since it was established in 1980 and built many points at home abroad with our dealer network has been many projects. Turkey in wood , metal seats etc. all products and parts from A to Z is the only company that can produce their own facilities.

Office Buro since 1975 in the sector as metal furniture and semi finished products, our company R&D producing and branding as our work within the name changed and innovative & quality-oriented products in the industry with our B2B companies operating weight.

At the end of 2006 our company started commerciallife is specialized in export and marketing , our company products within the group that 46 countries of our partners . vast foreing trade and market knowledge with import and export consulting services who want to make.

Our company started its operation in 2014 starting from the bed and started to provide services in the field of home textiles. Quality and design as a priority by adapting the elite and founded with the desire to offer products focused on the DAMASK design high quality , elegant. Functional products and produce are also special size and solution partners with productions provides support on the pr